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Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

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Biscuits and Sausage Gravy is a popular southern breakfast in the US. you can enjoy it anytime. This is a very tasty dish, apart from being delicious, it is also a healthy breakfast. These handmade fluffy biscuits are very tasty and are eaten with sausage gravy. Because we start our day with breakfast then our breakfast should be healthy. To make southern biscuits, we use buttermilk and all-purpose flour, to make it fluffy, so we also add baking soda to it.

To give a great taste to this recipe, add Pork Sausage Gravy. This is an instant quick recipe that does not take much time to prepare. You can make it on weekends. I will make sausage gravy from pork, you can use any ingredients of your choice. its a traditional southern dish that is eaten as breakfast in the United States. kids love biscuits.

Hello, friends welcome to the website. I’m Zainab Sheikh Siddiqui. Today I’m going to tell you how to make a Biscuit and Sausage Gravy recipe. After reading this post, all of you will get complete information about the Biscuit and Sausage Gravy recipe. This is an instant recipe that you can easily make at home.

Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

Biscuits and Sausage Gravy are an easy and healthy breakfast.If you want to make it in a short time, then first make the biscuits, till the biscuits are ready, then you cook the sausage. To make biscuits, first prepare its soft dough.

Breakfast is very important for us because we eat it at a gap of 7 to 8 hours and with this we start our day, so it is important that our breakfast should be healthy. In this hectic life, we do not have enough time to make a heavy breakfast, so today I will tell you how to make an instant breakfast

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So let’s start the method of making the Biscuit and Sausage Gravy recipe.

Ingredients for making Biscuits

Ingredients for making Biscuits
S.N                      Ingredients            Quantity
1.                      White flour             2 cup
2.                     Baking soda             1 tbsp
3.                        Sugar             1 tbsp
4.                       Butter            ½ cup
5.                     Buttermilk             1 cup
6.                          Salt             ½ tbsp


Prepare a Dough

Prepare a Dough
  • Take a large bowl and add white flour, salt, baking soda, and sugar.
  • After adding all the dry ingredients mix them with the help of a hand.
  • Now add melted butter and buttermilk and stir until buttermilk is completely absorbed.
  • Now knead a soft dough by folding it two to three times.
  • keep aside for 10 minutes.

Now your Dough is ready you can make its biscuits.

How to Make Biscuits

How to Make Biscuits
  • knead again the dough.
  • Turn the dough out onto a flat surface.
  • Sprinkle some dry flour so that it does not stick while rolling.
  • Now roll it lightly thick.
  • Now cut it with the help of a biscuit cutter.
  • Brush the biscuits with melted butter.
  • Grease the baking sheet with butter.
  • Place all the biscuits on the baking sheet.
  • Bake the biscuits at 450C for 15 to 20 minutes till they turn golden brown.
  • Now take the biscuits out of the oven and transfer them to the plate.

your Biscuit is ready, now we will make Sausage Gravy.

Sausage Gravy

Sausage gravy is a very delicious and tasty recipe. You will get sausage gravy easily in any store but today I will tell you How to make it at home. anyone can make it easily at home. It takes only 10 to 15 minutes to cook.

The high amount of Nutrients found in Sausage Gravy, it is very beneficial for our health. It also contains a high amount of calories. Sausage gravy also contains protein. It is beneficial for our heart, brain, and kidney.

So let’s start the method of making the Sausage gravy.

Ingredients for Sausage gravy 

S.N                      Ingredients            Quantity
1.                      Pork Sausage             1 cup
2.                     Chopped onion              ½ cup
3.                        All-purpose flour             ½  cup
4.                        Milk              2 cup
5.                     Poultry seasoning             1 tbsp
6.                         Ground nutmeg             1 tbsp
7.                            Salt         As per taste
8.                        Butter            2 spoon
9.                        Hot sauce            2 dashes
10.                  Worcestershire sauce           2 dashes


How to make sausage gravy

  • Heat a deep pan over medium heat.
  • Now put the few drops of water for evaporation.
  •  Add sausage and stir for 5 to 10 minutes on a high flame.
  • Saute it till it turns brown.
  • Keep stirring it continuously and break the sausages into small pieces.
  • Add chopped onion and stir for 1.5 to 2 minutes until it turns transparent or light brown.
  • Now take out the sausage in a plate with the help of a spoon or spatula and keep it aside.
  • Add butter to the preheated pan.
  • Put the sausage back in the pan and stir for 1 minute on medium flame.
  • add all-purpose flour and stir for 7 to 8 minutes over medium flame.
  • Saute until the mixture turn light brown.
  • Now add   Poultry seasoning, Worcestershire sauce,  Hot sauce, salt, and Ground nutmeg and stir for 1 minute.
  • Gradually add milk and keep stirring until thickened.
  • When it becomes thick, turn off the gas.

Now your delicious, yummy sausage is ready. you can enjoy it.

Tips and suggestions

  • In preparing the biscuit dough, we used only baking soda, I can also use eggs it.
  • If you keep the dough for half an hour before making the biscuits, then the biscuits will be ready even better.
  • You can make biscuits of your chosen shape.
  • Make sausage gravy thick, don’t keep it too thin.
  • You can make the biscuits as sweet or sweet as you like.
  • You can also use lemon juice and white vinegar instead of buttermilk.
  • You can also use Turkish sausage instead of pork sausage.


Friends, I hope that after reading this, you all must have understood Biscuits and Sausage Gravy very well. Also, you must have understood the complete method of making sausage gravy.

If you liked this biscuit and Sausage Gravy, then please share this Recipe with your friends and family members and if you have any queries then tell us by commenting, and we will definitely answer all your questions.

If you want to know about any other tasty recipe, then definitely tell us by commenting, and we will write about the best Laziz Recipe for you.

Thank you!


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