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Breakfast Recipe – How to make Muffins

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Muffin is a small part of the cake which tastes very sweet and soft to eat, all of you can make muffins very easily at home. children go to school and women making children’s lunch on time and making breakfast together becomes a challenge for women and the biggest challenge is how we make it on time. so you can make these muffins.

Hello friends, I am Ankita Maurya welcome to you this website today we will tell you the easiest way to make a Breakfast Recipe at home in this article. If you want to make this recipe at home and you do not know how to make it, then today we are going to tell you the complete information about the Muffins. This is a sweet recipe that you can easily make at home.

If you want to eat something sweet and if you want to make a soft and spongy cake breakfast in a very short time, then all of you can try this muffins recipe at home which will be liked by everyone, this small cake is so sweet that If you all eat it with a cold drink in the evening or night then you will enjoy it.

Muffins For Breakfast 

Muffins are small cakes. Which is made by baking you. We make it by baking it in the oven, if you do not have an oven, then you can make it without an oven. You can easily find muffins in the markets or bakery but we will tell you to make them at home. Today we will teach you to make not one but three types of Muffins in this article.

Kids love muffins very much. You can make it in many ways and you can also add your favourite flavour to it. Today we will tell you how to make muffins of three flavours, they are all such flavours, and children like them very much. In which the first is Tuti Futi Muffins, the second is Mango Muffins and the third is Chocolate Muffins.

Ingredients of This Breakfast recipe

Ingredients of This Breakfast recipe
S.N Ingredients Quantity
1. Flour 500 gram
2. Cinnamon 1 tsp
3. Cloves 8 – 10
4. Cardamom 1 pinch
5. Salt 2-3 pinch
6. Baking soda 1\2 tsp
7. Eggs 4 – 5
8. Sugar according to your taste
9. Oil 1 cup
10. Cream 200 gram
11. chopped Dry fruits 1 cup


How to make Muffins

  1. Preheat your microwave to 350 degrees. so you can help Fahrenheit. Grease muffins with oil or butter, or line them with quick bread liners.
  2. In a bowl, mix cheese, one egg, and three tablespoons of sugar. Pour the mixture into or parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Roll the parchment paper to make a log. Freeze as you make muffin batter and keep at least one hour inside
  3. The rest of the ingredients mix very well (you can choose cheese nuts and many more) Keep one large bowl and all the ingredients combine and mix well. You mix it until all the ingredients are combined into one.  Pour the batter over the muffin tins. you are making sure your batter is just filled halfway.
  4. Now unwrap the cheese mixture and slice with a pointy knife to make discs. every disc should be concerning 1-2 teaspoons in value. If the log is just too massive, slice them into thick discs then cut them in freeze.
  5. Place a disc into every quick bread tin and press it down. high the muffins with shredded loopy (if using).
  6. Bake for twenty to twenty-five minutes at 350 degrees Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit. Insert a strip into the middle of a quick bread, ensuring to not bite the cheese centre, to examine for doneness. If the strip comes out clean, the muffins are done.
  7. Let the muffins cool in the pan for five minutes before taking them out. Place the muffins on a rack to chill fully.

you can also try mongo muffins at home.

Mango Muffins 

Mango Muffins 
  1. To make mango Muffins, firstly we will first wash and peel the mango
  2. Now we will cut it into small pieces and remove its kernels
  3. After that, all mango keep in a mixer grinder and we will make a paste of it
  4. Now we will take out this paste in a big bowl
  5. we will put flour in it
  6. After that, we will put baking soda in it
  7. Along with baking soda, we will also add baking powder to it.
  8. Now we will beat all with the help of whisker
  9. After beating well, we will add milk to it, milk is optional, even if you don’t want to add
  10. Now we will put sugar powder in it
  11. After this we will put eggs in it, if you are vegetarian then do not use eggs.
  12. Now we’ll fatten everyone one more time
  13. After that, we will put butter in it
  14. Along with the butter, we will also add mango essence to it.
  15. In the end, we will beat the batter once again by adding salt to it.
  16. Now we will put butter in the cupcake case and put the batter in it.
  17. After this, we will bake it in the oven at 150C for 15 minutes
  18. After it is baked, we will let it cool down for some time.

Now our Mango Muffins are ready, after this, we will make them at home To make your muffins sweeter, fry them a little longer, which will make your small cake and muffins softer. If we eat this small cake with a soft drink, then it will taste better to soft drink.


  • Sift the dry ingredients to urge lighter and a lot of tender muffins.
  • I know this formula demand combining all the ingredients along quickly, however, combining the dry and wet ingredients individually beforehand makes higher muffins. Combining all of them quickly may cause over-mixing, which might cause powerful and dry muffins.
  • If you don’t have enough batter to fill all the gem tins, pour water over the empty tins halfway. This neat very little trick ensures even baking.
  • Let the muffins sit for a minimum of 20 minutes before eating. this can offer the muffins a deeper flavour and higher consistency. I do know it’s tempting, however, we tend to gotta observe a touch of self-control! Trust Maine, they’re definitely worth the wait.


So, Friends, I hope that after reading this article, all of you must have understood the complete step of making this Muffins Recipe, that too you can make Muffins at home without any problem, you can do this. You must have also come to know that it does not take much time to make it. Along with this dry fruits looks very tasty to eat.

If you liked this Muffins Recipe, then please share this Laziz Recipe with your friends and if you have any questions in your mind, then tell us by comment box, and we will answer all your questions.

If you want to know about any other type of Breakfast Recipe then tell us by comment box, and we will write about the best recipe for you.

Thank you!

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