Plane crash in Lake Victoria, Tanzania

At least 19 killed in passenger plane crash in Lake Victoria in Tanzania on 6 November

The plane was trying to land near the airport, but due to the storm, heavy rain caused an accident in Lake Victoria, Tanzania.

Some rescuers in boats arrived to rescue the stranded passenger in a Tanzanian lake

The State Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) said that the accident was caused by a heavy rain, in which 19 people have also died

The airline said 39 passengers were on board the plane along with an infant, along with four crew members.

Of the 43 people on board, 26 were rescued and it was later said that only 24 survivors were reported by emergency services to the scene.

Videos and pictures on social media have shown that the plane is completely submerged in Lake Victoria in Tanzania.

The plane took a turn for the airport but missed it and was completely submerged in Lake Victoria in Tanzania.