Commanders Win Over the Bears

2022 NFL Season, Week 6: What We Got From Washington's Commanders' Success at the Bears on Thursday

Brian Robinson Jr. apparently gained the Commanders' coach's confidence for more work on Thursday night after his nine-carry debut last week.

The Washington commanders pounded their way to a smaller winner this week but it wasn't pretty but it was good.

He showed more anger than the player who was shot in the leg in late August

Bears continue to wreak havoc in the Red Zone, matched the game incompetence of Bears Match Giants on Thursday

The Bears scored a fourth goal at the 1-yard line for the second time this season but failed to go inside.

Chicago's last movement performance is a good testament to this and a lot more work needs to be done to refine it with him as a QB.

The game was started by Robinson and took the ball in the first two games and was late to help the Washington Commanders end the game after winning.