2022 NFL season- What We Learned from Eagle

Eight catches and a one-touchdown effort was not the best statistical game in the NFL on Thursday, but it was crucial to the win.

In franchise history with a win over the Texans, the Eagles lead 8-0 for the first time. 

This season, Goedert has been a screen machine and this was the case in Week 9. 

For not being a quarterback in his first NFL season and for the season, Pierce absolutely needs to be at the top of your list.

On Sunday Pierce had a tough game against the Titans but he's back on track. 

The Eagles try to gang up on Pierce but they find ways to tackle and pounce on the Eagles.

He may not be the most dynamic in the league and he is still growing.

Gardner did not report to the Eagles until August 31 after his shock trade from the Saints.