30-year-old child pop star Aaron Carter found dead in his home

Child pop star Aaron Carter was found dead at his home near Los Angeles on Saturday, November 5

A spokesman for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department confirmed to Reuters on Saturday afternoon that deputies had found a dead man at the Carter residence.

And that murder investigators were on their way to the scene, but they said they couldn't provide more details.

The has been reported by the scene investigator that there were no reports that foul play was suspected in Carter's death.

Carter, 34, released his debut album in 1997, according to TMZ and The Hollywood Reporter.

When Aaron Carter was just 9 years old, he became a child pop star, appearing frequently on Nickelodeon.

Aaron Carter turned to rap later in his musical career, and also starred in such productions as the Broadway show "Sisicol".

Aaron Carter wrestled with addiction issues for years, sometimes sharing them publicly.

Carter had been to a drug rehabilitation center several times earlier this year in an attempt to gain custody of his son, Prince.