Alex Jones Should Pay $965 Million Who Was Suffered From Sandy Hook Lies

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones put the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting a hoax. A jury in Connecticut decided Wednesday.

This came in a lawsuit filed by relatives of five children and three teachers killed in the public shooting

In August a Texas jury awarded nearly $50 million to the parents of a slain child.

After the verdict came, some of the litigants in court hugged but there was no but Jones, and live video of the court is playing on their Infowars that shows split screen.

The trial showed the testimony of the victims' parents and siblings

How Jones was bullied and harassed for years by people who believed in the lies told on the show.

Jones Admits Yes He Was Wrong About Sandy Hook's Testimony During Trial

Testifying during trial that the shooting was real, but there were lies in both the courtroom and his show