At least 100 people dead in al-Shababi terrorist attacks

At least 100 people were killed and 300 were injured in two car bombings in the Somalia capital Mogadishu on Saturday

Al-Shabaab, which the Pentagon describes as "the most powerfully active al-Qaeda network in the world" and took full responsibility for the attack.

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamed announced on Saturday that the death toll could rise.

Somali President Mohamed took office in May and recently declared "absolute war" on al-Shabaab, saying the death toll could rise.

President Mohamed said that among our people killed in the terrorist attacks of al-Shababi, mothers with children, fathers struggling with their families' lives

It was the deadliest attack in Somalia's capital Mogadishu since 2017.

When a truck bomb exploded at the same spot, in which more than 500 people were killed.

The US military is coordinating attacks with the Somali government against al-Shabaab this year.