Bill Hasten: Jenks shocks Bixby and ends streak

Often Bixby beats opponents with physicality and textbook performance.

It was believed Bixby would do it again in Thursday's showdown against a rival of Jenks' prestige and cred

One of Tulsa-area high school football's best and biggest regular-season games yet

Bixby's 58-game winning streak was the longest in the current country yet and was a beautiful centerpiece of the huge event

Super Bowl III reminisces when Joe Nmath's 18-point-underdog New York Jets stunned Baltimore Colts

Bixby Beats Owasp, Broken Arrow, and Everyone Else in Very Good Time

Outsmarted nine opponents per game who averaged 60 points

The Spartans certainly liked it but didn't expect Jenks-Bixby to be another 77-17 oblivion.