Russian trolls and bots 'Like Sleeper Cells' to Target Democrats

A report was published on Sunday that warned that Russian trolls and bots were back and targeting Democrats.

Smaller platforms like Gab, Parlor and Gator are increasingly using accounts run by disaffected Americans.

The scope of the effort appears to be smaller than in 2016, but the report, citing the researchers, emphasizes that they are "no less harmful."

Allegedly, this network of accounts began to reactivate in August and September, "asking to act like a sleeper cell."

The Democrats, including President Joe Biden, are largely the ones who are disgraced in office by these accounts.

Positions have been voided in particularly tight races, including Senate contests in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Arizona, the report said.

A post published two days ago also complained about US support given to Ukraine as the country continues its fight against Russian aggression.

The FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency sent a bulletin last month warning foreign actors

People who spread "false claims and narratives" through "fake online, dark web media channels, text messages, emails, fake websites, online magazines and messaging applications".