Brittney Griner has been sent for 9 years in the panel court

American basketball star Brittany Griner is being sent to the Russian penal colony to serve nine years in prison.

A statement released by Griner's legal team said they are not aware of Griner's "exact current location or his final destination."

With regard to "standard Russian procedure," the statement also said that Russian officials will notify Griner's legal team and Griner's U.S. Embassy upon arrival at their destination.

The transfer move follows a ruling by a Russian appeals court that last month upheld Griner's sentence on drug trafficking charges.

"Every minute that Brittany Griner is unfairly detained in Russia is a minute too long," White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in a statement.

It has been said in the statement that a lot of effort is being made for the release and the President has also issued instructions to the administration.

White House says it made a "substantial offer" over the summer - widely reported to include the suggested business of convicted Russian arms dealer Victor Bout

Officials also say Griner's independence is an administration priority and has repeatedly encouraged Moscow to strike a deal or propose serious counter-offensives.

Griner's Russian attorneys also noted that the American's nine-year sentence for drug charges was unusually harsh even by Russian legal standards.