Broncos rally in fourth quarter

This week George Patton told the media the Broncos are still learning to win.

The Broncos signaled to the crowd at Wembley Stadium that they were getting closer to finding the elusive thread.

Latvius Murray scored a go-forward touchdown, Denver rallied 10–0 to take the win and improve 3-5 on the season.

Here are some of the changes the Broncos made over the past weeks that make winners.

After a 14-10 lead in the fourth quarter, Russell found KJ Hamler to advance for a 47-yard pass.

As always, the defense did a lot to give the team a chance.

When the Jaguars hit first and goal at the start of the second quarter, going into the hole 14–0. 

Lawrence rolled to his right on the next snap and finally fired a high pass.