Bryce Harper : Player Props for Phillies vs Astros Game 1

It took 11 years, but Bryce Harper props are finally a real thing for the game of the World Series and boy, is he ever going to put on weight to get his team here.

The two-time MVP, seven-time All-Star, and newly named NLCS MVP are set to hit the ground running at the end of this season and play on baseball's biggest stage

There's no shortage of World Series props to sort through, but I've found some Harper-focused World Series Game 1 that will excite both bookmakers and Philly fanatics almost enough.

After going 0-for-4 in Game 1 of the Philadelphia Phillies' wild card series, Harper has been hitting a .450 clip in the last 10 games

Harper has three times (18) hits compared to strikeout (6) in that period, with 11 of his hits going to extra base.

Harper doesn't have an easy Game 1 matchup on paper, going up against Houston Astros ace Justin Verlander, but it really suits Harper's strengths.

First: Verlander has been a bit shaky from start two postseason. He ALDS. I conceded six runs in 10 hits in four innings against Seattle.

Second: Verlander no longer throws 100 mph, but 39-year-old Wright still throws his 95-96 mph fastball almost 50% of the time.

Harper is crushing everyone right now... and if he can bat that many against the Houston Bullpen, that's great but still not Verlander