Cardinals hit sixes off back-to-back  Andy Dalton on  consecutive drives

Glendale, Ariz. — The Arizona Cardinals returned two interceptions for scores in merely 63 seconds Thursday night.

To start with, it was Cardinals cornerback Marco Wilson who ended up perfectly located brilliantly.

New Orleans Saints wide beneficiary Marquez Callaway made a pass before quarterback Andy Dalton

The Saints at - 10 and 35 with two minutes staying in the principal half

Wilson got the ball from midair and returned it 38 yards for a score

He accentuated his most memorable vocation interception and first profession pick-six with a flip in the end zone.

 Then, at that point, it was the turn of linebacker Isaiah Simmons.

He left Dalton third in Arizona's 44 with a one-gave interception and 57 seconds on the - 10 pass.