Carly Simon lost both of her sisters to cancer

Musician Carly Simon lost her two sisters Broadway musician Lucy Simon and opera singer Joanna Simon to cancer one day apart from each other.

Broadway composer Lucy Simon famous for her life and career died of cancer at the age of 82 at her NY home Thursday

After retiring from music, Joanna worked in an art form for PBS's "McNeil-Lehrer News Hour" until 1992.

The eldest of the Joanna Simon sisters, best known as an opera singer, died Wednesday of thyroid cancer at the age of 85.

Lucy and Joanna, the youngest of four siblings who were photographers, died after Peter's death.

The death of both the sisters forced them to distance themselves from the project.

From 1976 until her death in 2004, she was married to novelist and journalist Gerald Walker.

Broadway musician Lucy Simon receives a Tony Award during her career for original score on the long-running musical "The Secret Garden"