Cavs opener Darius Garland has injured his left eye

Darius Garland injured his left eye in the second quarter

Cavaliers coach JB Bickerstaff said after the game that Darius Garland had a wound inside his eyelid

His left eye was bleeding profusely due to the injury inside the spinach.

Darius Garland had no further updates on his availability for the team going forward

Darius did not speak to reporters after playing and the Cleveland Cavaliers will play their next match in Chicago on Saturday.

It was his first game for Garland and he scored four points and three assists in 13 minutes in the first half.

t's hard to go down on a strange coincidence, says All-Star Donovan Mitchell

Darius Garland, the fifth pick in the 2019 NBA Draft, made the All-Star team for the first time.