Creed 3 Villain Jonathan Majors Is What We Want To See!

Jonathan Majors is playing Kang the Conqueror in the MCU, but his antagonistic role in Creed III is actually showing off his villainous role.

After the first two Creed films, Creed 3 was produced by Michael B. Jordan's directorial debut 

Majors already looks to be a pretty memorable villain in both Creed franchises in the Creed 3 trailer.

This is partly related to the fact that Majors Damien is very different from the previous antagonist in both the Rocky and Creed franchise.

The Creed 3 trailer stars Damien, who shared Adonis' childhood in Jordan and has recently been freed after 18 years in prison.

These glimpses of Majors' performance in the Creed 3 trailer offer a vivid display of the power he brings to him as Damien.

The first two Creed movies were great exercises in blending nostalgia with a new story, but Creed 3 needs a new element to tell the story that's going on with Adonis.

Michael B Jordan has proved himself to be a tremendous screen presence as Adonis, Jordan after a long time