Don't do these 10 things on Karva Chauth

Don't Miss Sargi

Sargi is a pre-sunrise meal prepared for you by your mother-in-law. Karva Chauth Sargi is a balanced and energy-rich diet consisting of sweets like milk, dry fruits etc.

Don't Insult Others

During karva chauth Vrat, you do not hurt others especially elders. You should speak politely and with

Don't wear White cloths 

In Hindu customs, black is considered an inauspicious color during any worship. That's why wearing black clothes is not considered a good thing.

Don't skipped mehndi

All the women observing the fast of Karva Chauth apply mehndi on their hands.

As mentioned earlier, your day can feel overwhelming and endless, so don't overwork yourself before the end of the day.

The fast is not like any other fast, Karva Chauth fast is a nirjala fast, for which women have to stay hungry and thirsty throughout the day.

Married women and their family members should avoid eating non-vegetarian dishes on the day of Karva Chauth as they are considered to be tamasic in nature.

Don't eat Non-Veg