'Don't Worry Darling' HBO Max Head Florence Pugh and Harry Styles

If you were concerned, don't worry Darling is a totally useful piece of big-screen weirdness.

Having premiered in September amid endlessly bizarre reports of sets and film festivals, Don't Worry Darling is now available to rent and buy online.

Pugh lives an idyllic suburban life as a glamorous housewife of the 1950s.

He also has a trophy husband, who is played by pop star Harry Styles in a wardrobe of impeccable suits and dark midcentury shirts.

Director Olivia Wilde slowly cranks up the troubling aspects of this strange idol, tormenting Pugh's increasingly volatile housewife with teasing scenes and mounting paranoia.

Wilde plays one of the other wives, always equipped with a cockatiel and a sharp pencil-side-eye.

Loop se dev or tales without any impatience that someone just tell me the twist so that I can do something more interesting.

As the film premiered at film festivals in recent weeks, bizarre events on screen were matched by paranormal events between the film's director and stars.

Don't Worry Like Darling, Last Night in Soho is a vaguely fantasy drama about a woman caught in a whirlwind of retro glamor and male violence.