Eagles and Steelers game recap 

Hassan Reddick quickly dismissed Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett for losing 8 yards in the first two minutes of the game. 

Pittsburgh decided to go for it after being lined up for a field goal, causing the Steelers to move on.

The Steelers left Philadelphia without reaching the end field in both the 2008 and 2016 games, losing both games. 

Darius Slay had his fourth interception of the season with about 7:47 left

Lincoln Financial Field responded to the booing with a lot of bewilderment. So the referee fined them for taunting 

The Steelers' newly signed kicker Nick Siba scored his first NFL field goal from 38 yards 

Brown finished his half for 113 yards with an impressive 5 catches and three touchdowns.

Quarterback Gardner Minshaw showed his first game of the season in action, entering the game ten minutes later. And the Hurts left the game with 285 yards and four touchdown passes.