Giannis scores 21, Matthews sends Bucks past 76ers 90-88

Greek Freak can credit his Milwaukee co-stars for some plays worthy of a highlight reel

When 23. If seconds remained, he raised the 3-pointer.

The Bucks needed 21 points and 13 rebounds for a 90-88 win over the Philadelphia 76ers on Thursday night. 

Lopez scored 17 points as the Bucks went 0-5 in the preseason

James Harden, who scored 31 and rallied the Sixers in the fourth, missed a jumper 

The 76ers lost their opener Tuesday night in Boston as the Philly crowd kicked them off the court in the third quarter. 

Tyrese Maxi scored 15 points for the Sixers. Joel Embiid was closed by Lopez and Antetokounmpo and did not score in the second half. 

Harden eventually swung the Sixers into fourth as they cut their 12-point deficit to single digits.