Herschel Walker Prepares Supporters

On Tuesday Herschel Walker spoke to his supporters at the Omni Hotel in Atlanta.  

Herschel, the Georgia Republican Senate candidate, spoke to his supporters at an Atlanta hotel and said it would be a long night to the final results.

Mr. Walker said, "I didn't come here to lose."

He said of Warnock, "He will be hard to beat He understood that supporters needed to go home, but he would stay with the staff in what was called the "war room."

Walker is a former football player who played for the University of Georgia, now challenging the Atlanta Pastors.

Both candidates were tied by 11 o'clock neither of them had more than 50% of the votes.

According to Georgia law, if neither candidate wins by more than 50%, the two must face each other.

If there is an edge in the Senate race, it will be held on December 6.