Potato Rings

Potato rings are a very tasty snack that is liked by all, especially children to eat You can make this recipe in very less time

To make Potato rings, first you boil the potatoes and mash them.

After mashing, add corn flour, black salt and salt, cumin powder, black pepper powder and turmeric powder and mix it well.

After that, put some oil on the floor and spread it well, then take some of the potato dough and spread it with your fingers.

Cut the spread potato dough from the lid of that size, then take a small lid from it and remove the middle part so that it becomes like a (round) ring shape.

Then put oil in a pan on the gas and heat it and fry it by putting rings in it.

When it becomes golden in Brown then take them out and fry all the potato rings in the same way.

After frying, take them out in a plate and serve with sweet or spicy chutney.