How to make Creamy Frothy Cold Coffee in an easy way

Creamy Froth Cold Coffee is easy to make and you can drink it at anytime

Take a pan and add sugar and 1 cup of water in it until the mixture becomes half.

Off the gas flame, after a few minutes add some coffee and mix it very well

Again take a pan add 2 cups of milk and boiled it for 5-10 minutes and fridge it

Take a grinder and put milk, and some pieces of ice then grind it well until the ice becomes into small pieces

After that add a spoon of vanilla essence, 2 spoons condense milk, and fresh cream and mix it again

After all, now take a glass and put some chocolate syrup on the glass and put some sugar syrup

Now pour the milk mixture into the glass and pour the creamy froth over it with a spoon

Similarly, take out all the glasses and make Creamy Froth Cold and you can also garnish it with some mint leaves.