Blood moon total lunar eclipse

People across Australia and New Zealand will see a weather-wise total lunar eclipse on Tuesday evening.

It is believed that this opportunity should not be missed as it will no longer be visible till 2025 in this region.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes through Earth's shadow if the Moon casts only half a shadow

The lunar eclipse in Australia and New Zealand on Tuesday evening will last for 85 minutes.

The Moon's light will first pass through the Earth's atmosphere, which is why the Moon will become completely red in color.

As the moon will move up and the sky will become darker, after that all of you can easily see the part of this eclipse.

Lunar eclipse will start in Australia but eclipse will start earlier in some parts and will start only a few minutes before moonrise in whole of central Australia

On the western side of Australia it will be passing through moonrise at the right time and true.