I Have So Many Questions About Olivia Wilde’s Salad Dressing

It's been months since the tabloids have been updating that there's something wrong with Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde.

Their separation played a major role in the behind-the-scenes drama of the film.

Their fight for their two children went to the promotion of the film.

More painful details of their breakup have come to light this week.

This Monday the Daily Mail published the story of a woman who said she cared for Wilde and Sudeikis' children for three years.

she also said that at the end of 2020, Wilde left the family to be with Styles, due to which Sudeikis started drinking.

Sudeikis told the nanny, "She made this salad and she made her own special dressing and she's going to have dinner with Harry with her salad."

Naini may have been taking care of the family for years but she was unaware of this issue.