Willow Makes ‘SNL’ Debut, Performs “Curious/Furious” And “Ur A Stranger”

On Saturday Night Live, Willow Smith made her hard-rocking solo debut with a live performance. 

On Saturday night she performed two of her tracks, "Curious/Furious" and "Ur a Stranger".

Both these tracks are from her fifth studio album, released on Friday.

Willow released her fourth album, Lately I Feel Everything, in 2021.

Willow also opened up with Billboard about being a black woman in the rock space for cover story in August.

Jada Pinkett-Smith's split image shared how her ex-rockstar mother exposed her to the dark side. 

She said further, “But now it’s going to be me baring my soul alone on the stage, and I’m just so grateful and so excited, but also sh*tting my pants slightly.” 

Willow recalled, “she got to see people get very rowdy and say some things that you should never hear somebody say to your own mother.”