Jaguars beat Raiders

After five weeks, the Jacksonville Jaguars were finally able to make a full effort and end up with a losing skid.

The Jags showed resilience in the game when they came back from a 17-point loss and were successful as well as beating the Las Vegas Raiders by 27–20 points.

It wasn't good but the Raiders trailed 17-0 in the second quarter but it felt like Jacksonville was about to lose its sixth straight game of the 2022 season.

Travis Etienne ran for a touchdown just before half-time but pulled the Jags inside 17-7 points.

Las Vegas kicked a field goal before reaching the second quarter as well as the last point.

The Jags' defense did not score a point in the second half as they were able to score for the rest of the game.

CBS Sports' John Breech gives the Jaguars a B+ for their effort

Etienne is a big reason why Jaguar was able to make a comeback and this is what Breach believes