Jaguars lost a winnable game in 6th Week

Jaguars let the Colts hang around and lose a winnable game in Week 6

The Jacksonville Jaguars had several chances to beat the Indianapolis Colts in Week 6 but were let back in the fourth quarter and lost 34-27

Quarterback sneak by Trevor Lawrence captured a seven-play, 75-yard drive and gave the Jags a 21-19 lead over the Indianapolis Colts.

However, the Colts responded, and running back Dion Jackson scored a touchdown. Then he tried the two-point conversion which was great

Nevertheless, the Jaguars gave the Colts enough time in the clock to attack back, and they attacked back.

The Jaguar's ongoing attack was quite effective. He finished the game with 243 yards in 33 attempts. 

He punts the ball three times in the second half. But both offense and defense are blamed for the Jaguars' third loss of the season.

The Jags had a great chance to climb back to the top of the AFC South in Week 6, but ultimately couldn't seize it.