Kanye West targets Pete Davidson and Trevor Noah

Kanye West lashed out at Kim Kardashian's "heroin addict" ex-boyfriend (Pete Davidson) and show host Trevor Noah over his new wild bragging.

Pete Davidson has previously spoken about her struggles with drugs and borderline humanity disorder.

Attacked on South African resident Trevor Noah who was the host of The Daily Show

Kanye West said this when 78 media outlets called me an abuser when I was trying

Then turned away from my kids with the heroin disposition and was tattooing the kids' names, Skate, Pete Davidson...".

Before turning my attention to SNL alum Davidson told the hosts we're Jewish so I can't be antagonistic

She also blamed "Jewish Zionists" for talking about Kim Kardashian's sexual relationship with the Davidsons in an episode on her family's Hulu reality TV show.

Kanye West's candid testimony has been widely criticized on social media.