Kyler Murray, Cliff Kingsbury ease wrangling in Cardinals win

Arizona coach Kingsbury and quarterback Kyler Murray were both received by cameras in the second quarter Thursday night after a 42-34 win over the New Orleans Saints.

Worked with a warmed trade, which finished an eight-game home misfortune. What occurred. The chain broke.

Cameras showed Murray strolling to the sidelines, more than once telling Kingsbury to "call the f--down" at 2:32 in the second quarter after Arizona called a break to reset its next play left

Murray kept on having words for Kingsbury as he strolled aside, where wide beneficiary DeAndre Hopkins went about as a peacekeeper and divided quarterback and coach.

The fundamental objective is to win. Thus, as far as I might be concerned, on the off chance that I had 10 gets

 10 yards on the off chance that we dominated a match I would be very enthusiastic.

Inquired as to whether Kingsbury was shouting in his ear through the headset of his protective cap, Murray said no.

Kingsbury called it an insult prior to attempting to carry levity to the circumstance.