Lauren Boebert too close to a re-election race call

Lauren Boebert, with her Democratic challenger Adam Frisch, faces a tougher reelection race than expected, with a small lead throughout the evening.

Boebert entered the race in a strong position. With a 9-point advantage for Republicans, the redistribution strengthened the Congressional Third District's red color.

Unlike most of the Colorado delegation, he had national name recognition and profited about $2 million in campaign cash.

Still, she is underperforming in all counties with many votes yet to be counted, while Frisk continues to outperform the 2020 results.

Boebert's time in office has also been mired in controversy. Washington, D.C. Shortly after arriving, she released a video showing her carrying a gun into the capitol.

She tweeted the location of Speaker Nancy Pelosi as the crowd was attacking the Capitol, and later joined in objections to the certification of the 2020 presidential election results.

Recently, Lauren Boebert upset President Joe Biden during his State of the Union address.

Democrats tried to remove him from their committees after Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar suggested that he was a terrorist.

Frisk has run as a relatively conservative Democrat, is a former Aspen City Council member, and has barnstormed across the district to pitch his centrist.