Max Scherzer's outing leaves the Mets one loss away from elimination in wild-card series.

During winter, the Mets awarded ace Max Schaezer the highest-paid player in baseball history on an annual basis by awarding $130 million contract.

Scherzer, 38, was stellar on the mound despite missing nine weeks of the regular season with injuries.

He Helped Change the Culture of the Mets Ofthe Clubhouse.

He became one of the leading leaders who guided him to his first playoff appearance since 2016.

In fact, he had the worst start of his 15-year career in a 7-1 loss to the Mets.

In his 27th career post-season, Scherzer scored seven runs and four home runs.

"I lost half of the year and these guys did a great job," DeGrom said at the start of the year.