Michigan Strategic Fund Approves Total 1,869 Jobs

Michigan Economic Development Corp. announces approval of a wide range of new projects from the Michigan Strategic Fund.

It could create 1,869 jobs and generate more than $550 million in investments.

The project includes three Magna expansions in southeast Michigan.

Including an electric vehicle maker that is moving its headquarters and 300 high-wage jobs to Auburn Hills, improving infrastructure and location-building around the village of Shelby.

It is expected to generate over $526 million in capital investment and create 1,569 jobs.

It is a  compantechnologyy that is one of the largest suppliers in the automotive industr

Exterior, Seating, Powertrain, Electronics, Mechatronics, Mirrors, Lighting & Roof are included in mega's Product.

The Magna Michigan Company employs more than 10,000 Michiganders and operates 32 facilities.