MY Policeman movie Full Review

The longing and regret of the Harry Styles-centered sexual triangle exposed in My Policeman 

"My Policeman" is an absorbing, resonant, deeply awe-inspiring adaptation of the 2012 novel by Bethan Roberts that will probably be best appreciated

The film is a vivid re-creation of a more repressive era where homosexual activity among men had long been illegal.

It features a young policeman having a chance encounter with local museum curator Patrick that turns into something much more than a friendship.

Meanwhile, Tom, his unsuspecting girlfriend, Marion and the mundane Patrick form a troika of sorts. 

The story is told in flashbacks from the 1990s, when we meet old Tom Marion and Patrick again in, at least, difficult situations 

Captivatingly accessible dreamlike by "It Boy" Styles, it's pretty much a character so charming and affecting that he's here all day long. 

This story originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times.