NFL: Cowboys beat Prescott, Parsons 49-29 at Bears

Parsons got up after Chicago quarterback Justin Fields failed to touch him and moved to the end field on a rumble return for his first NFL touchdown.

“I kind of popped up ready to celebrate with the team and I thought I was down,” the reigning NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year said.

David Montgomery stumbled into the open ground after a catch in the third quarter and Parsons fell on a loose ball.

"You're always going to have ups and downs in the game," Fields admitted, adding that he should only have touched Parsons. "You just gotta keep fighting."

"Obviously we have to do a better job off the field," said first-year Bears coach Matt Eberfluss.

"The last one was tough," said Pollard, who elevated his career in yards and carries (14), while averaging 9.4 yards per carry.

Dallas had the most points in a game this season, with 6:48 remaining in the second quarter, after relying on the defense during Prescott's absence.

"It's a huge step ... especially going into goodbye week," Prescott said. "The belief is growing in the bye week that we can win by any means necessary.