NJ rapper Tame One has passed away.

Tame One hip-hop great rap legend, graffiti artist and Newark artwork hero has died at the age of 52.

Hip-hop great fans all friends of "Tame One" remember him

In all corners of New Jersey and hip-hop and the music world fans remembered the rapper

Brown's mother announced her son's death in a Facebook post.

Darlene Brown Harris said in the post. "My son, Rahm Brown, Tamer Diesel, is dead.

Tame One, El da Sensi and DJ Kaos released their debut album Between a Rock and a Hard Place in 1994.

The two groups split after releasing a second album, "That's Them", in 1997.

As the Leek Bros, Tame One released the 2004 album "Waterworld" with Cage