Nuggets Lose Season Opener to the Utah Jazoo

The Nuggets lost their first game of the season to the Utah Jazoo. 

After ran out, the defense that had been suffocating earlier became nothing more than an aspect of a defensive effort for the Nuggets.

The Nuggets allowed 37 points in the first quarter, and needed to tighten defensively.

Jazz shot 57.7% from the floor and 46.2% from three. However, Dali didn't do badly with his 30 points offensively. 

The bench looked very bad in the first half. They got out 35-9 and it was for obvious reasons. 

Jamal Murray had a minor injury, but he returned to the game and hit a Circus Three. 

The team started off as a 7-point deficit which quickly escalated to a 20+ point lead and the Nuggets found themselves down 75-53 at halftime.

The Nuggets only made 5/22 out of 3 and the Jazz hit 16/38 on the night.