Numerous tornadoes reported across southeast Wisconsintornadoes reported across southeast Wisconsin

According to the National Weather Service, a sharp-speed line in South-Eastern Wisconsin produced several small short-lived tornadoes on Wednesday. 

No damage from the storm and injuries has not been reported.

About 22,000 customers across the region were left without electricity after the storm.

The Milwaukee-based utility said that as of Wednesday afternoon, that number had decrease to 2,600 customers without electricity.

Tim Halbach said, "It’s nothing that’s unheard of, but it’s just not as often that we see this kind of activity this time of year,"

On Wednesday Several storms produced on Doppler radar what Halbach named the "sign of the wreckage".

Images obtained by radar indicate that the storm was lifting debris into the air.

Halbach said,"We saw a number of those as the line came through".