Opener  vs  Warriors

Los Angeles Lakers genius LeBron James is entering his twentieth year in the NBA however he will always remember his starting points.

That much was obvious from James' pregame outfit in front of LA's season-opener against the Brilliant State Fighters.

It sure seems as though LeBron James is shaking this all-white suit in front of the beginning of his twentieth NBA season to pay tribute to where things all started on draft night

an occasion he likewise wore a comparable looking suit to.

It makes for an incredible photograph, one that will give fans who have followed the Akron, Ohio local for his entire vocation the feels in general.

It's difficult to accept that it's been that numerous years since James entered the NBA

Yet again however unfortunately, here we are with The Lord going to hold court at 37 years youthful.

ho will accept their title rings from last June's victory over the Boston Celtics.