Park Bo Yeon and Astros member Rocky are rumored to be dating

Recently there have been dating rumors of Astros member Rocky and actress Park Bo Yeon.

Their fans saw the two together at a show on the musical 'The Three Musketeers' on 30 October

Currently playing the lead role of Lee Yu Min in the SBS drama 'Cheer Up' Park Bo Yeon

Park Bo Yeon has previously worked with Rocky on the web drama Find Me If You Can, which also starred fellow Astro member MJ.

Curious also learned that Park Bo Yeon co-wrote Rocky's single track 'S#1' on the Astros' latest album Drive to the Starry Road.

Park Bo Yeon's management company, Management Koo, said that the two had worked together before but their dating was just a fluke.

Interestingly, Rocky began working as a musical actor before taking an apprenticeship with Fantagio.

However, his idol activities under ASTRO caught him on that aspect of his talent and he only recently returned.

He takes the position of being the lead rapper in the Astros and is part of the sub-units of Jinjin and Rocky, along with leader Jinjin.