Pelicans as Ben Simmons fouled on debut with 4 points

Things didn't go as planned. The Brooklyn Nets were walloped in the season opener, 130-108, despite Kevin Durant's 32 points on only 21 shots by the New Orleans Pelicans.

Kyrie Irving said after the loss "I talked about the other day, we were just being tested and challenged,".

Pelicans' big three CJ McCallum, Zion Williamson, And Brandon Ingram stole the show, winning a stellar win with 74 combined points.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn only got 17 combined points from Ben Simmons and Kyrie Irving. Simmons was especially disappointing, recording more fouls (6) than points (4) in his Nets debut.

Brooklyn got some good stuff from Patty Mills off the bench, who dropped 16 points on 5-of-10 shooting and three to 4-of-9. The rest of Brooklyn's bench was not so prolific, collectively amassing just 7 combined points.

On Wednesday, Brooklyn's Achilles Heel went out with the Pelicans 61-39 of the Nets. Many of those second opportunities led to three-pointers for New Orleans, who took deep . from 46.2% shots

Meanwhile, Brooklyn found no stability by only 30.3%, and The Pelicans used this by harassing a crowd of paints against them and leading Brooklyn creators with several protestors.

Ben Simmons broke the scoring drought with his first Nets point of the season after the Pelicans turnover. A pair of Zion Williamson buckets on the rim forced an early timeout from Steve Nash after an early 11-2 deficit.

Brooklyn got things back on track in the second quarter, starting with an excellent pass to Nick Claxton from Ben Simmons on the short roll and a corner three from Markiff Morris.