Police Says  'We Don't Have a Suspect' on Idaho Murders

Giving an update on the killings on Wednesday, Police Chief James said there were two other people in the house at the time of the murder who were neither held hostage.

Fry said two of the victims were at an on-campus party while the other two were at a downtown bar.

Fry also stated that the four had been killed sometime on the morning of Sunday, November 13, arriving home after 1:45 p.m.

But there was no call to 911 after the murder.

No call has been received even though two people were present at the house at the time of the murder.

Police also declined to say whether the two men have spoken to police.

The call was for the unconscious person, not the injured person.

All four victims were killed with a knife, according to Fry, although there was no evidence of forced entry and no weapons were found.