White House national defense spokesman John Kirby said on Tuesday that OPEC's cut in oil production last week was announced.

President Biden is re-evaluating US relations with Saudi Arabia after announcing oil cuts

Biden has agreed to work with Congress on the future of Saudi relations, says Kirby

"I think the president has a very clear relationship that we need to continue to reevaluate," Kirby said after interacting with CNN

The issue pertains not only to the Ukrainian war, but also to US national security interests, Kirby said.

Ukraine covers most of the arms sales after OPEC announced last week that it would cut oil production, accusing it of helping ease the Russian war.

Democratic Speaker Bob Menendez on Monday called on the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee to halt cooperation with Saudi Arabia

Kirby said Biden was disappointed with the OPEC+ decision and agreed to work with Congress to look here because they want to move their relationship forward.

Kirby said I think he's going to be ready to start those conversations right away or is it something that will have to wait quite frankly, that long.