Professional footballer punter Ray Guy dies at 72

Professional footballer punter Ray Guy died on Thursday at the age of 72 from a prolonged illness.

Ray Guy became the first punter in history to be selected in the first round of the league's NFL outline. Since then, punter Ray Guy began a great career in 1973

Hall of Fame to establish as first pure punter in professional pro footballer 2014

The Ray Guy Award was presented to the best collegiate punter in the country for the first time in 2000.

Ray Guy, Hall of Fame punter with a career spanning 14 years garnered three All-Pro selections and seven trips to the Pro Bowl, especially with the Raiders

Also Ray Guy had blocked only three punts in his career and finished his career with a streak of 619 punts in a row without a block.

"Ray Guy was a warm, humble Southern gentleman," Hall of Fame Chairman Jim Porter said in a statement.

After the death of Hall of Fame punter Ray Guy, he will always be remembered for his talents that shaped the new game.