Sasha Duerr

Queen released the rediscovered song Face It Alone by Freddie Mercury.

Queen released Face It Alone, a rediscovered song featuring vocal music by Freddie Mercury.

Queen published their song eight years ago, featuring frontman Freddie Mercury's famous vocals

The rock group plubished the song "Face It Alone" on Thursday and the 1988 lost record that was returned today.

Although I uncovered all the secrets it helped a lot in clearing the garbage and making the song a hit once again

Queen Elizabeth's archive team and production were reunited when they resumed work on the album's upcoming box set, due to be plushed in November.

It was not released but was recorded under the stipulation of "The Miracle" when the track was originally released on the band's chart-topping album Ten Years End in 1980.

We've forgotten about this track, Taylor said in a statement but there's a little gem that's just amazing and it's a real find.

The song "Face It Alone" is one of six unplubished tracks recorded through Miracle Bet.