Viral video of Lakers Russell Westbrook

After several videos of the Lakers' Russell Westbrook went viral, he left all teams on Wednesday for the loss of the President of the Minnesota Timberwolves Lakers

   The efficient vault expressed discord    and rejected any pointers and     references to delete pointers.

The wife of Lakers Russell Westbrook responded to a Twitter user, saying that several photos and videos showing him were actually performing pregame rituals on other teams.

Westbrook said that when my second video went viral, I was talking to the coaches, edited the video

I was not aware that video of Huddle's attempt was present until asked about it, Beverly told reporters on Thursday.

I feel like they just cut the video to prove that the internet is going to take over and whatever they need to do is go with it

Westbrook made his pact to live in LA in addition to the complex movement and decided to stay in the final year

This season new coach Darwin Hamm has vowed to get as much out of the former league MVP as possible.