SAT answer sheets are taken from a UPS truck

More than 50 students at El Paso High School in Amtexas may have to re-take their SAT tests after their answer sheets were thrown out of a UPS truck.

El Paso Independent School District chief communications officer Liza Rodriguez told BuzzFeed News that the incident affected students who took the SAT on October 27.

In the video going on social media, the testers are seen flying in the air and falling from the truck and falling on the ground. 

Rodriguez said in a statement that the school district is now working closely with the College Board to administer the SAT.

"to determine a remedy for the El Paso High School students whose SAT exams were lost in transit after they were securely submitted to UPS," Rodriguez said in a statement.

In addition, "the counselors are providing the students who wish to take the ACTs a waiver to appear for the exam at no cost," she said.

Ezra Ponzio, a senior at El Paso High School who lost his SAT test, said he took the test again this year after being not happy with his score last year.

Ponzio said he hoped to apply to colleges earlier this year, but since his exam papers were lost in the chaos, he can't do so now.

"Our staff is working to fine-tune as many tests as possible, and we will work with the school to resolve the situation," the company said in a statement sent to CNN.