Selma Blair Chokes Back Tears After Exit Due to Health Concerns

Selma Blair tears out of 'Dancing With the Stars' due to health issues

This is the Most Memorable Night of the Year in All Season "Dancing with the Stars" Emotional Episode

Selma Blair and Sasha Farber's episode was no different, with both saying goodbye to the contest after Monday night's show ended.

Blair told his partner Sasha Farber that he could not continue his show due to concerns about his multiple sclerosis-related illness in the previously recorded package.

Seeing the package from inside the ballroom, both Selma Blair and Sasha Farber came close to each other.

Every supporter, celebrity and judge was ready to hug her before she pulled out of 'Dancing With the Stars' due to health concerns.

Selma was asked before Blair's exit if she would return for the finale, but Blair said she had "high hopes" but Farber was not so sure.

Blair actually helped Farber a lot as well, as Farber was going through a tough time in his personal life.