The Simpsons' IT Tribute Episode

The Simpsons Barely Celebrates Halloween With a Traditional Treehouse of Horror, But This Year Was Very Different

This season is one of the best in recent memory (which is part of the trend we've seen over the past few seasons)

The series in particular has got a new energy but this special is one of the best` Halloween specials in the series in a long time.

you should take some time to check it out

The Simpsons Releases "Not It," as "Treehouse of Horror Presents" in This New Episode

Which suggests that we may have things like this in the future

It's such a fun finale because it not only provides a full-blown re-tooling of Springfield that can happen in these parodies.

"Not It" is split into two separate chapters, which look at the 27-year gap between the stories in Stephen King's original novel series.